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Bio-Assignment: week one

Bio-Assignment: week one

Bio-Assignment: week one

Multiple choice: 1. Which property of life is exhibited by each of the following? a. The frog jumps around when I touch it. b. The bread rises because the yeast has given off carbon dioxide bubbles. c. Blood samples from healthy humans always have about the same p H and salt concentration. d. Wherever I find one mosquito, I usually find many. e. Only a few rabbits were brought to Australia, but now there are millions. f. Puppies usually resemble their parents. g. Baby animals get bigger and become adults. h. A bright light at night always attracts moths.

Answer:________________________ 2. Which of the following are testable hypotheses? a. ‘N SYNC is a better musical group than the Rolling Stones. b. In a maze that they have never seen before, rats will turn right just about as often as they will turn left. c. If these two plants are crossed, approximately half of the offspring will resemble one parent and half will resemble the other. d. It is wrong to inflict pain on a cat. e. Restaurant A is better than restaurant B. f. The average science major at this school gets better grades than the average humanities major.

Answer:________________________ 3. Which of the following examples of reasoning use induction? . a. If all adult female birds lay eggs, then this female chick will lay eggs if raised to maturity. b. If all known species of birds are egg-laying, then the next bird species to be discovered will be egg-laying too. c. If all known enzymes are made of protein, and I discover a new enzyme, then it, too, will be made of protein. d. If the amounts of protein X are increased under stress, then I should be able to increase the amount of protein X in these frogs by subjecting them to stressful conditions. e. If this species mates in April, then I should be able to observe more mating on April 10 than on June 10.


Bio-Assignment: week one 4. Which of the following reflect the community nature of science? a. A scientist presenting a talk at a scientific meeting. b. Another scientist asking a question at that same meeting. c. A field naturalist tracking a rare species. d. The same field naturalist publishing her findings. e. A scientist feeding a new chemical to mice to study its effects. f. A bacteriologist using techniques developed by Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch for growing bacteria in laboratory cultures. g. A scientist displaying his experimental results over the Internet.

Answer:________________________ 5. which of the following argument is based on utilitarian? a. Hunting is wrong because the victim is part of nature and it is wrong to interfere with nature. b. Hunting is justified because the death of one animal makes such a small difference to most hunted species. c. Hunting is wrong because it makes the hunter more prone to future violence. d. Hunting is justified if the animal is used as food but not as a trophy. e. Raising beef cattle for human consumption is justified because people need to eat. f. Raising beef cattle for human consumption is wrong because cows are sacred. g. Raising beef cattle for human consumption is wrong because people would be healthier if they ate more plant foods instead. h. Raising beef cattle for human consumption is wrong because it causes pain and suffering to the animals. i. Be kind to your pet because you will be rewarded with loving companionship.

Answer:________________________ 6. Specify what type of individual would be formed from a human zygote containing each of the following: a. 46 chromosomes, including two X b. 47 chromosomes, including two X and a Y c. 45 chromosomes, including one X and no Y d. 46 chromosomes, including one X and one Y e. 47 chromosomes, including two X and three copies of chromosome number 21


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