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Briefly discuss the nutritional benefits and hazards of carbohydrates.

Briefly discuss the nutritional benefits and hazards of carbohydrates.

Obtain food labels for two different brands of a food product you normally consume and complete the “Label Comparison” activity that follows:


Compare the label information:

Brand A Brand B
1. Brand
2. Ingredients
3. Serving size
4. Servings/container
5. Calories/serving
6. Calories from fat
7. % of total kcal from fat
8. Protein/serving __________ g __________ g
9. Carbohydrate/serving __________ g __________ g
10. Sodium _________ mg _________ mg
11. Sugars/serving __________ g __________ g
12. Dietary fiber __________ g __________ g

Which of the foods is the most nutrient dense and is the healthier option? Explain why. (1 paragraph)

Identify your favorite fast food restaurant and list your typical food and beverage selections offered by the establishment. Access the fast food establishment’s online nutrition facts and analyze your meal for nutrient content listed in the table below. Also provide the total kcal, and %DV for fat, saturated fat, sodium, and fiber. Suggest ways you can adjust your fast food and beverage choices to improve energy and nutrient intakes while minimizing saturated fat levels.

Favorite Fast Foods Analysis

Fast Food Restaurant: __________________________

Menu Item Portion Calories Fat(g) Saturated Fat (g) Sodium(mg) Vitamin A(mcg) Vitamin C(mg) Calcium(mg)

A. What food selections would help to make this meal healthier? ( 1 paragraph single-spaced )

B. What have you learned by completing this mini fast food analysis? ( 1 paragraph single-spaced )

Compare the prices of 3 organic and non-organic products (e.g., produce, dairy foods, frozen foods, canned foods, etc. ). Explain in your opinion why organic foods are or are not worth the extra cost. Discuss your thoughts regarding the potential benefits or negative impact of organic food ( health, environmental, animal care, etc. ). ( length 1 page – single spaced )

Briefly discuss the nutritional benefits and hazards of carbohydrates. List the amounts of “added sugars” in 3 foods you commonly consume during a weekly or monthly basis. Which food replacement options could you suggest to reduce your intake of added sugars ? Discuss reasons why you would or would not support the idea of a special tax on sugary beverages. Plan a typical one-day meal plan for a low-carbohydrate diet. When followed regularly, what can be the metabolic effects of such a diet? ( length 1 page – single spaced )


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