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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Random Family by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc ch 31-36, ch 37-41, ch 42-44.

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Random Family by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc ch 31-36, ch 37-41, ch 42-44.

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Random Family by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc ch 31-36, ch 37-41, ch 42-44. Random Family by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc chapters summary Chapter 31 to 37 Prisoners, Cesar, Boy George, and Jessica imagine what they will do after they are released. Cesar suggests taking a plane ride and travel while Boy George suggests taking the subway to Harlem and walk home to the South Bronx. Jessica suggests opening Club Fed for her nightspot. Jessica met Nilda and fall in love. Surprisingly, Hilda was scheduled to start DAP, a drug treatment program Jessica had been kicked out while Hilda was raised in a family of fourteen. She was raped while still young and was able to raise five children. Miranda was Hilda’s old rival who was managed by Boy George. Miranda was starting DAP as well.Jessica had a daughter, Serena, who continued to perform poorly academically. Apart from poor academic performance, Serena had learned how to circumnavigate the school dress code. The friends involved themselves in sexual immorality and drug trafficking. Coco could not bear such life since the life was hard for him. Platinum, Pearl, and Sheila involved themselves in cigarette smoking. Pearl’s asthma worsened. Frankie nursed Pearl since Coco could not bear to observe her baby with a feeding tube. Giselle borrows $400 loan for Gabriel tuition. Giselle and Cesar agree to bring Nautica and Mercedez along on the next trailer. However, the trailer visit is canceled because there was a fight in the prison and Cesar had been slashed. Later, is found in trouble. She could sometimes sleep through dinner and dragherself out of bed vomiting blood. The welfare later knows Frankie due to Cocoa disqualification for her cash benefits and housing subsidy (LeBlanc, p. 362-409). Chapter 37 to 41Cesar imagines his future limitations after sitting in a cell for the past few years. He was now out and went back to his “crimcy ways” Cesar is now a changed man and able to see the shape of his life. Giselle had no interest in Cesar’s toughness and lack of interest made Cesar clear a way for him to explore few familiar parts of himself. Rocco continued to vacillate between the straight and criminal worlds. On the other hand, Jessica was slowly establishing herself in the outside world. Since the release of Jessica, Boy George had been trying reach her, but all was in vain. He tried to reach her through letters, but to no avail. Jessica was not interested to remember her old lifestyles, although she did miss Boy George. Jessica closes her warehouse for a month to share her vacation with her daughters. Coco advises Mercedes to return to Ramapo Camp, which she cooperated. Octavio, drug dealer, makes a nasty comment about Coco. Mercedes was not happy about the reaction of the drug dealer. Mercedes courageously told him “shut up”. Later, Frankie joins a gang. He severally told Coco that he considers joining gangs. Frankie no longer suggested finding a better job. Coco sensed his despair and he did not insult him anymore. Coco tried to reassure Frankie that his slow actions were better. Widow and Coco’s cousin joined the cocaine business from and blasted music. Frankie never minded how loud was the music. Mercedes popped her head through the window and continued with her quick dance at the Golf Club. By the morning, Mercedes feels like it has been a whole shift in the Garden Way. She climbed the stairs and disappeared (LeBlanc, p. 414-462). Chapter 42 to 44Jessica is now employed at a security desk at the marble entrance of an international bank.When the working salary per her was increased to $16, Jessica moved to a bigger apartment in the South Bronx. She divorced with husband, Robert, and decided to split the $750 rent Maximo and the older brother. After Jessica had met Maximo, she had introduced Elaine to John and remained on good terms. Jessica had yet to meet Maximo’s children. They later engaged just because Maximo had surprised her with a ring. Boy George’s letter had lastly reached Jessica after long attempts. The letter had a brief message. Boy George wanted to know how Jessica managed to transform from convict to Jane Doe Citizen. George wanted to know exactly if freedom is similar to being reborn. Also, he wanted to know the kind of food Jessica was eating. In addition, Boy George wanted to know if Jessica had finally known how to drive. In the letter, Boy George acknowledged that he had abused Jessica and told Jessica how humiliating it had to perceive the wiretaps. That Morning, Jessica went to the ATM since she had promised Serena $100. Coco had a birthdayparty, but his family were not able to attend. Coco felt upset since his family failed to reach his party even after hearing it early. Coco relaxed her mind. Towards the end of the visit, Cesar was begged by Nautica to give her a pony ride. Cesar agreed, clutched his hair and dug her legs into his armpit. Nautica smiled but could not help it. She cries to Cesar that she was falling. Cesar challenges her that he has been lifting weights for the past five years, and she cannot fall (LeBlanc, p. 467-485). Work CitedLeBlanc, Adrian Nicole. Random family: love, drugs, trouble, and coming of age in the Bronx. New York: Scribner, 2003. Print.

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