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I need some assistance with these assignment. press releases & networking Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. press releases & networking Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. press releases & networking Thank you in advance for the help! Press Release & Networking History and Goals The write market was established in 1998 by persons who had writing in mind. The researchers of the current time include Renee Kennedy and Terry Kent. The Company was initiated with a sole purpose of marketing websites. It is headquartered in West Virginia. The main goal of this Company was to do research with the sole purpose of a concrete comprehension on how the web can be used by people around the globe as a tool for marketing.Scope of WorkThe write market Company has garnered unlimited resources which are deemed useful for assisting researchers in conducting their work ranging from academic books, journals, biographies, tutorials and internet links consolidation .The Company has expressly found out that the internet has a gap. In order for this gap to be filled the Company has continued to engage experts in the Information Technology field to perform further development and analysis. Examples of such experts are Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Web Writers, Scripters and Internet Promoters with each expert concentrating on his own area of specialization. The Company has appreciated cumbersome nature of a direct development of marketing strategy and implementation of such technologies being used. Thus more research is being conducted to ascertain what technology and marketing program is more suitable in selling a designated good or service.Achievements and Future PlansThis Company has invested on its employees in areas of their profession to maximize the sales growth rate. For instance Renee Kennedy has in the recent past concentrated on researching about marketing strategies and techniques to maintain the Company on the growth path. Terry Kent had continued to perform his research in graphic design optimizing growth in the diverse internet world. The Company has developed a book that has excelled on analysis of the web and summarizes on how to optimize an internet search engine to conduct comprehensive research and analysis. Furthermore the book entails on wide range of strategies applicable in enhancing product and services advertisement. The future plans for this Company is to write a book showing how to write for the web. In addition to that the Company intends to develop more sites.ChangesThe main changes noted between the original backgrounder and this backgrounder is the wording. Basically the original wordings have been varied to abolish the room for plagiarism. Another variation implemented is concerning the owners or researchers who have been featured in the first paragraph of the backgrounder. This necessitates any reader of the articles to know who is behind the growth and achievement of the company (Henry, 2008). Unlike the original backgrounder this backgrounder is coupled with subtitles that make any reader or any researcher to know the content before reading on. This creates an interest to surge forward. Finally and not the least another change is the use of simplified wording and terms that will make the backgrounder interesting and attractive (Kent& Taylor, 2003).FactsheetWrite Market Company headquarters is located in Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia. This company was commenced in 1998.The main researchers operating in the Company in the present time are Renee Kennedy and Terry Kent. The main aim of the Company is to develop websites that would aid in efficient marketing of products and services on the web. One of the major achievements of the Company is the launch of a book that highlight in depth marketing strategies that should be employed to optimize web usage in respect to growth marketing.Analysis of Student One BackgrounderAnalysis of the first backgrounder depicts a more detailed explanation than the fact sheet (Kent& Taylor, 2003). Despite the fact that it’s more informative the backgrounder shows its strength by being brief and direct. The tone of the backgrounder is accurate and impartial. This backgrounder entails the important current issues Vis a Vis the immediate mission of the company. Despite its brief nature the backgrounder is presented in a way that any reader would ooze out lot of information from it (Kent& Taylor, 2003).Analysis of the Other BackgrounderThe first aspect that anyone would deduce from this backgrounder is its appealing nature. The subtitles prepare the reader on what he expects to hear (Marsh, Guth & Short, 2005). Like the other backgrounder, it contains complete contact information. The backgrounder employs simple sentences with paragraphed list (Kent& Taylor, 2003). This backgrounder answers main questions that any research would put across. In this, backgrounder insinuations on issues basically from research are presented in unbiased and liberal manner. This backgrounder has been written with a certain audience in mind be it researchers, entrepreneurs or investors.ReferencesKent, M. L., & Taylor, M. (2003). Maximizing media relations: A Web site checklist. Public Relations Quarterly, 48(1), 14-20.Marsh, C., Guth, D., & Short, B. P. (2005). Strategic writing: multimedia writing for public relations, advertising, sales and marketing, and business communication. Allyn &Bacon.Henry, E. (2008). Are investors influenced by how earnings press releases are written. Journal of Business Communication, 45(4), 363-407.

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