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What is a food-mile?

What is a food-mile?

4-5pages essay

Paragraph1: What is a food-mile?

Food miles refers to the distance between the consumer and the country of origin of the food. The long distance of food means that after a long process of food transportation, the materials used for food packaging and preservation, the gasoline consumed by vehicles along the way and the consequent waste gas will increase the environmental burden. In overall, food miles refer to the distance traveled from the place of production to the place of sale.

P2: What are some trade-offs that a food mile does not account for?

P3: What is energy intensity and how does it affect food miles?

Critical analysis1: premise1(each premise just one-two sentence)


Conclusion: It is ethical to shop locally


Critical analysis2: premise1


Conclusion: It is ethical to not shop locally


Which argument is stronger? Assess and give your reasoning.

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